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We perform contract projects and provide services in remote sensing image processing, GIS, and digital mapping in various fields of applications. The services are provided in collaboration with a number of independents and foreign associates.
:: Image processing and remote sensing applications
:: Geographic information system (GIS )
:: Automated mapping and facility management ( AM/FM)
:: Scanning, Vectorization and data

Image Processing and Remote Sensing Application:
Ortho-rectification and Mosiacing
:: DEM generation and 3D Modeling
:: Image processing  enhancement and interpretation
:: Digital cartography mapping and GPS survey
:: Hyper spectral processing
:: Environmental mapping and impact assessment
:: Resource exploration
:: Vegetation and crop mapping
:: Forestry mapping
:: Land use mapping
:: Geohazard and waste management
:: Hydrogeology
:: Oil Gas and Mineral Exploration
:: Geological interpretation
:: Digital mapping map transformations and data conversion

Geographic Information System (GIS)
We strive to provide the most effective solutions to clients needs whether using off the shelf software or developing custom made programs and solutions.
HTE Provides complete range of computer aided design (CAD) and GIS. Using the two together we can develop accurate digital databases to satisfy the clientís specifications. Our GIS staff provides the expertise needed to solve problems such as need analysis to system specification and design to data collection data development modeling database integration and application development our expertise in systems development includes:
::System design and engineering
::Development of custom GIS application

::Data access and database generation
::Development of web based mapping solutions
::Development of client / server distributedmanagement systems
::Quality control and quality assurance systems
::GIS training

Automated mapping and facility management AM/FM
HTE provides geomantic services to the utilities industry through the development and implementation of AM/FM technologies.

We provide services in:
Data conversion
::Data quality assurance/control
System design and engineering
Application development

we work with utility companies in the formulation design and implementation of systems as applied to AM/FM/GIS for their operations.


is experienced in digital mapping and data conversion. Our experience covers a full range of data acquisition sources including hard copy map conversion and global positioning systems (GPS).


We supply all commercially available permitted satellite and other digital data.

For inter/intranet distributed mapping solutions we develop web mapping application and offer installation training consultancy prototyping and development services we offer onsite and offsite programming services.
We specialize in languages and environments we specialize in visual basic, access, oracle, and SQL server and web development.

HTE will be pleased to assist with issues like hardware software networking and need assessment as well as project conception design and implementation. THE can deal with projects enterprise or small our goal is to ensure a quality service to the client with professional advice to secure their IT needs. We are experienced in all aspects of the IT and can provide advice prepare specifications castings and project management for IT development projects data consistency is a complex issue we can provide simple solutions for complex data issues we provide complete cover for common data problems and specialized assistance tailored for customerís individual data and requirements.

Some of the many solutions we can provide are:
project management
:: Examination and removal of duplicate data
:: Verification of data against other local authority data sources
:: Creation of custom data imports and exports to other systems
:: Checking data consistency in address fields
:: Correcting incorrect address data (e.g. postcode post town fields )
   using matches to address point
:: Correcting lookup table and propagating changes throughout the
:: Batch updates of data
:: Batch uploads of new properties or street with auto creation of map
   tables where possible
:: Batch updates or archive of candidate records
:: Identifying data issues with streets or properties
:: Spatial matching and updating of properties
:: Examining and repairing cross references to external systems
:: Validating and repairing files for exporting

We realizes that training is an essential element for problem solving and decision making and recognizes that it has a role in the promotion of appropriate initiatives hence we develop training activities in application of remote sensing geographic information systems and information technologies. Respective overseas partners support the training by providing the expert trainer and the material.
The courses are designed for professionals and all levels of end users.
Training is carried out for specific application and is customized to the specific requirements of the user.

We provide support to all the clients who are under maintenance contact either by telephone fax or email we are also available for technical support on site by charging per hour if the client is in Riyadh or per manned day if the client is out side Riyadh.

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